Ananda Marga Spiritual Retreat Malaysia 2017

“Satsaungena Bhavenmuktir” – “By dint of Satsaunga one attains liberation”

The “Ananda Marga Spiritual Retreat Malaysia 2017” will be on 8th to 10th December 2017 at Kem Sentosa, Chenderiang, Tapah, Perak, Malaysia.

The Organising Committee would like to invite all the Margiis and Acaryas in this region and around the globe to participate in this Retreat.

Everyone is invited as there will be many activities organize for all age groups with more focus on Kiirtan and Meditation.

Let us, the Margiis and Acaryas get together unitedly in the spirit of Satsaunga to create strong positive vibration through Kiirtan and Sadhana.

The Organising Committee hopes those who are more fortunate will help to donate little extra to support the Retreat. All proceeds will be channeled to the development of our Master Unit – “Green Valley Wholistic Lifestyle Centre”.

“Satsaunga is the boat which will ferry human beings across the ocean of bhava” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurthi, Namami Krishna Sundram

Hope to receive your registrations by 20 November 2017.

Thank you and Namaskar!

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Do register as soon as possible.

“Baba Nam Kevalam”

To HIM we serve
Organising Committee
AM Spiritual Retreat Malaysia 2017